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03 Sep 19

The feast of St. Vincent in Collioure from August 14 to 18, 2020

Every year from August 14 to 18, the Saint Vincent Festivals are in full swing for a short week.

Procession of Catalan boats, concerts, bandas, balls, sardanes or street arts ... animate the whole city during these 5 days!
In Collioure, the fireworks do not take place on August 15, but on August 16, the culmination of the Collioure festivities, a magical and grandiose spectacle that illuminates the whole bay (it is reflected in the waters of the harbor illuminating the boats and the Royal Castle).
  • And concerning the history of these festivals, what can we say?

In 1642 the relics of the patron saint of the city, St. Vincent disappeared. In 1701, the morning of August 16, new relics donated by the Pope arrived in Collioure and were transported to the chapel of Saint Vincent or according to legend he suffered martyrdom.

Here is how and why the first Feast of Saint Vincent took place on the 16th of August. From then on, it will be renewed every year on the same date, with the same brilliance.

Without losing their vitality for three centuries, the Feasts of St. Vincent have evolved over time by adapting without ever forgettingtheir origins, to constitute a true Colliourencque tradition!
03 Sep 19

24th Harvest Festival in Banyuls

A bucolic party. The second weekend of October, the harvest arrives by the sea with Catalan boats. Other festive and gourmet events are organized around the themes of wine and the harvest: local market, tastings of seafood and AOC Banyuls and Collioure wines, meals and taste workshops, shows and fanfares, hiking. .

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